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Is print becoming less core to your business? Are you re-allocating resources to digital, mobile and social media? If so, your organization’s ability to buy print effectively has almost certainly decreased in lock-step. Yet for many companies it remains a significant category of spend that requires focus, diligence and expertise to manage effectively.

Introducing Continuum. Our print management solutions reduce your costs, lower your operating expenses and free up your team to focus on more strategic parts of the business.
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What We Do

We source and manage print
so our clients can focus on
their core business.

At Continuum, we seamlessly integrate into our clients’ production workflow and workspace, enhancing the capacity of their marketing team and adding value beyond cost savings. Our solutions are based on a collaborative approach with Continuum bringing proprietary data, technology and industry expertise to the table, providing the ideal compliment to existing staff. We respect each client’s brand, ensuring its preservation throughout the print and fulfillment process. In short, we become a true extension of our client’s organization.

By delivering substantial savings on print expenditures, Continuum gives executives the resources and flexibility to pursue vital initiatives in other areas of their company.
$5 million plus annual savings for a multi-channel retailer. 30 percent reduction of distribution cost for a national education company. 50 percent reduction in cycle times for a healthcare supplement company.
Case Studies

Check out our case studies for a detailed look at how we’ve transformed the print procurement process...saving money and increasing efficiencies across the board for a few of our clients.

Continuum's print managment services save Healthy Directions more than $700,000 anually.

Delivered an $800,000 annual savings on print and postal costs, while simultaneously reducing lead times by 50%...

Continuum delivered measurable and recurring year over year savings and reduced time to market.

Do you Rue? We do! Continuum delivered measurable and recurring year over year savings and reduced time to market…

Our Solutions

Custom solutions built on
collaborative partnerships
that create mutual value.

Continuum developed the OnSourcing™ service delivery model so companies could leverage the benefits of outsourcing within the framework of an integrated, onsite delivery team. Our flagship offering, Continuum OnSourcing™, is a

comprehensive print sourcing, production and management solution that allows us to become a true extension of your organization, providing complete transparency, increased visibility and control. For companies where print is still viewed

as core to the business, we offer Continuum CoSourcing, a solution that allows us to deliver procurement and pricing services with the client maintaining oversight of production and supplier transactions.

Industries Served

Continuum has long-standing relationships with some of the country's leading brands; companies that value our insight, integrity and expertise. In addition, Continuum has the breadth of industry knowledge—combined with our capabilities and resources—which allows us to service any large enterprise-level account across all sectors, including the following examples:

Want more info? Take a look at our client case studies.
How It Works

Simply put, we invest in
you before you invest in us.

Our customized print management solutions deliver real cost savings, optimize human resources and increase transparency in the print and fulfillment process. To achieve this, we invest the time necessary to truly understand your business and current print situation.

We use a proven three-prong process to create a print management solution that provides clients with measurable, guaranteed savings.

Our comprehensive opportunity assessment incorporates both a qualitative and quantitative focus. We meet with key departments and personnel; collect print production data, job specifications and pricing elements; and have a dialogue around unique business goals, pain points and cultural nuances.

Next, with your input, we develop a custom solution and implementation plan based on the pre-stated goals and savings targets which we present to you and your executive team.

Lastly, we launch your custom print management solution. We become your company’s embedded print management partner, overseeing and implementing your print management function.

Why Continuum?

Bottom line solutions that
help drive top line growth.

At Continuum, we combine deep expertise, technology and people to deliver substantial and sustainable procurement savings. In the process we increase the efficiency of your marketing staff by off-loading print management responsibilities to our integrated team. This combination drives savings straight to your bottom line while also enabling you to grow the top line by focusing on your core business, accelerating your time to market, and investing in new initiatives.

No empty promises. Our solutions deliver contracted, guaranteed, measurable results.
What Sets Us Apart

When considering options for the sourcing, procurement and management of marketing related print, companies have two primary alternatives – do it themselves or partner with an outside firm to manage it for them. In today’s hyper-competitive world most companies want their people focused on driving revenue. Our solutions help companies achieve just that.

Additionally, we have a powerful competitive advantage over similar providers – the ability to integrate the expertise and resources of our two sister companies into our customized solutions. A.T. Clayton is one of the largest paper distributors in the U.S. and J.S. Eliezer is the print and distribution consultancy of record for many of the world’s top retail/catalog brands. With direct access to these specialized capabilities Continuum is uniquely positioned to deliver value-add for our clients that other providers simply cannot match.

And unlike printers who can only impact manufacturing costs, our solutions address total system cost (see graphic below). By reducing landed product costs plus related operational expenses Continuum’s solutions have a far greater impact on your bottom line.

Jonathan Shean

It’s no wonder this chief leads Continuum’s veteran industry team. He’s a master win-win creator whose experience as a print and paper exec gives him in-depth, unsurpassed knowledge of the entire print supply chain.

As President, Jonathan’s primary goal is to maintain Continuum’s reputation as a customer-centric, high-performing organization that consistently exceeds customer expectations by evolving to handle ever-changing demands and challenges. He leverages his extensive print management experience to help clients realize measurable and sustainable value on their enterprise print spend.

Prior to Continuum, Jonathan served as Senior Vice President of Operations at InnerWorkings, helping steer the company’s record-breaking growth in addition to leading the acquisition of several large enterprise clients.

Marc Collins
Chief Sales Officer

A true pioneer in the field, this industry expert was among the first to promote the print management solutions concept. He’s coached countless “Fortune 1000” companies about the benefits of adopting such an impactful solution. In fact, Marc’s often credited with transforming business plans to improve bottom lines.

As Chief Sales Officer at Continuum, Marc works with each client to assess their needs and readiness for print management. He thoroughly reviews the comprehensive benefits of print management, while providing considerable support throughout the implementation process. Marc’s clients appreciate his diligence and objectivity when making solution recommendations—keeping his clients’ best interests in mind.

Marc joined Continuum after more than eight years at InnerWorkings—where he helped the company achieve record growth—working with clients such as Valspar, Rent A Center, Northern Trust, Morning Star, Walgreens Healthcare Initiatives, United Airlines, Office Depot, and ACH, to name a few.

Jane Harness
VP, Human Resouces and Legal Affairs

After 20 years as an attorney practicing corporate and estate law Jane was granted a change of venue to Continuum in September 2013. Her commitment and attention to detail is evidenced every day in the versatility and judiciousness she demonstrates while leading our Human Resources and Legal Departments.

Jane isn't your typical head of HR and Legal. While she does wear two hats you'd swear each department had a fulltime leader. That's the kind of time and attention Jane gives every item and issue that crosses her desk. And our clients are the primary beneficiaries.

Jane graduated from Boston College with a B.A. in psychology, and holds a J.D. from Pace School of Law. She is admitted to practice in Connecticut and the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut.

Mike Avery
Vice President, Operations

This guy knows what it takes to cover all the bases—from solution design to implementation to successful delivery. An uncanny subject matter expert whose work in both print manufacturing and managed services lends unparalleled wisdom and acumen in all things technical, operational and workflow-oriented.

As Vice President of Operations, Mike leads client engagements from assessments and solution development through implementation and final delivery. He’s the eyes and ears of the company, umpiring all processes from top to bottom.

Prior to his current role, Mike honed his solution design and implementation skills as the Director of Enterprise Accounts at InnerWorkings, leading key Fortune 500 accounts. Earlier in his career, he held senior project and account management positions at RR Donnelley.

Lisa Cintron
Director, Client Services

Head of our Retail Services practice Lisa's ability to exceed client expectations while staying at the forefront of retail marketing strategies and trends is legendary. Just ask her former clients, a list that reads like a who's who of leading retail brands: Lands End, Whirlpool, L'Oreal, Nokia, and Google among others.

With 20 years in the procurement and print management space Lisa is precisely the kind of partner clients want alongside them working in the trenches on a daily basis. Her expertise spans strategic sourcing, procurement and project management of all phases and facets of print production. Experienced in concept development, implementation, cost analysis, distribution management, and supplier management Lisa is uniquely equipped to deliver on both the short term details as well as the long term program goals.

Prior to Continuum Lisa was Vice President of Procurement for HH Global providing brand and print management solutions for large retailers and their agencies. Before HH Global Lisa worked at Sears for ten years as a Senior Print Production Manager.

News and Updates

Relevant news
and bragging rights...

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Inside Outsourcing is the premier publication providing a forum for the exchange of information in this rapidly evolving industry. Inside Outsourcing’s Larry Janis interviewed Continuum’s President Jonathan Shean about the print management market and Continuum’s OnSourcing solution.

DMA AdVents

As you consider implementing a print management program, cost savings are only one part of the picture. We shared this and other insights into the hidden benefits of print management with the Direct Marketing Association of Washington for an article in their AdVents publication.

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